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What is it?

BSN's Nearshoring Services is a product aimed at satisfying the needs of talent acquisition for both the projects and operations of your company. Through our deployment in Latin America, we can place high-performance professional resources quickly and affordably for you. The purpose of our personnel is to strengthen and support your business units anywhere in the world, especially in the United States of America.

Our services meet the needs that arise from traditional Offshore recruitment, that is, closer to your business, your time zone, your language, and also cultural affinity. These benefits allow us to be much more efficient than global recruitment centers, which are many times congested and have few guarantees in terms of quality of service.

We create a strategic alliance with you, and we see your business as if it were ours. This allows us to provide people dedicated to maximizing the income of your company, with the quality that your business and your end customers require at the precise moment that needs arise, in the shortest possible time.

BSN nearshore services range from: DevOps and Cloud, Agile Development Services, Front-End Development Services, Back-End Development Services, Full Stack Development Services, QA Testing Services, Web Application Development, among others.


Nearshore Value Proposition



Our staff uses state-of-the-art technologies, which, combined with our work methodology and a mature development process, resulting in high-quality solutions for our clients.


BSN delivers our nearshore resources at a roughly one-third cost (1/3) of similar U.S.-based talent, providing your company with the highest possible ROI without sacrificing quality, skills, or transparency in communication.

Technical Excellence

We have highly-skilled developers and operational resources in Latin America, human talent that will deliver for you the highest value and ROI.

Process Alignment

Our development centers seamlessly fit into your processes and practices, like Lean and Agile.

High-Performance Teams

We strive to instill successful patterns in our team's activities and promote successful delivery practices in every engagement.

Agile Professionals

The world in which we live in has made us deal with highly changing and competitive business scenarios. Our recruitment and selection team proactively follows up on the contracted SLAs to collocate and replace resources accordingly.
Just let us know what skillsets you are looking for, and we will find it for you! We will quickly provide you with a wide variety of suitable candidates for the open roles you have.